KCS offers limited scholarship assistance to returning students who have been at KCS at least one year.  Partial tuition scholarships will be offered primarily on the basis of financial need, with consideration also given to the student’s satisfactory progress and the involvement of the family in our PTG and Walkathon efforts.

Kyle-Lenn-Joey Scholarship Fund

This fund provides limited financial aid to assist students who lack the resources to meet the full cost of an education at KCS.  Each spring, a day is set aside for a walkathon to raise monies for the fund.  Students collect donations from friends and relatives to support the endeavor.

Financial aid is awarded primarily on the basis of financial need and funds availability.  Effort and involvement in the life of the school (i.e. Parent Teacher Group fundraising and task forces, KLJ walkathon, and volunteering) are also considered.  Applicants must have been enrolled at KCS for one year. Information and applications are sent out each spring with re-enrollment materials.  Applications must be received annually by the designated deadline in order to receive full consideration.  All information provided is kept strictly confidential.

Helen N. McKenzie Scholarship Fund

This fund was established in 2000 in honor of KCS' founding principal.  It is a merit scholarship, given to the Middle School student who is deemed to best reflect the school's emphasis on academic effort, carding attitude, and service to school and community.