Phase 2a Construction Project

The Completed Vision

September 9, 2016 >> Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation trustees, invited guests, and other key individuals to Phase 2a, gathered with the KCS student body to celebrate the dedication of the Clarence T.C. Ching Educational Center.  Trustee Robert Fujioka and Principal Mark Gallagher shared dedicatory remarks and were later joined by Norman Hong, Group 70 International Vice Chair/CEO, and Pastor Ron Arnold, for the untying of the maile lei.  The student body also joined together for a song of praise, singing "10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)." 

After the dedication ceremony, trustees of the Ching Foundation toured the new facility, which includes a 2nd grade classroom, art room, music center, and chorus room for students.  The building also houses the KCS school office and an administrative center which features additional teacher and staff work areas and a tutor room for small group sessions.

The next phase of the Master Plan, which will add six additional classrooms, is scheduled to begin in the next two years.


The Next Level

April 8, 2016 >> KCS is dedicated to understanding the changing needs of its students and improving the campus to reflect those needs.  Building on the successful remodeling of the Helen McKenzie House in 2009 and the construction of Harding Hall in 2012, the Phase 2a project is a key component of the Master Plan.  The Clarence T.C. Ching Educational Center will utilize state-of-the-art design to provide innovative teaching and learning for the 21st century.

The ground floor will include a dedicated Instrumental Music room (with 4 enclosed practice rooms), along with two additional multi-purpose rooms.  One will primarily be used for Chorus, and the adjacent room, connected by a moveable partition, can open up to create a spacious learning environment for a variety of activities.

The first and second floors will feature new administrative offices and bathrooms, and two new classrooms, one for second grade, and the other for art.  Breezeways and lanais will connect students, staff, and school ‘ohana to our existing structures, easing transitions and saving time.  Once open, these extraordinary facilities will blend traditional and modern architecture, intentionally designed to help KCS students reach the next level.



New Facilities Taking Shape

February 12, 2016 >> The new Clarence T.C. Ching Educational Center has progressed by leaps and bounds over the last few months.  With the excavation complete, all the walls are up, and headway continues on each of level of our three-story building.  Students, staff, and parents are appreciating the complete redesign of this part of our campus through viewing portals set into the construction barriers inside the breezeways of Harding Hall, as well as along 13th Avenue and Harding Avenue.

During the fall, cement trucks pumped over 100 cubic yards of concrete to create the slab of the building’s foundation, and huge hollow core concrete planks were hoisted in place for each level’s flooring.  At present, concrete columns stand tall, ready for the walkway fronting Harding Avenue to be poured.  The new roof will soon follow, allowing the interior work (e.g., framing, plumbing, electrical) to occur.

This summer, final preparations will be made for staff to move into the building prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year.  Thank you for your prayers, patience, and financial partnership in making this venture possible!


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Building on a Firm Foundation

November 6, 2015 >> Since the Phase 2 project began, much of the work for the new Clarence T.C. Ching Educational Center has been underground.  Why?  Because having a firm foundation is essential, not only for a building to hold up under pressure, but for the structure to stand the test of time.  

Last week, though, it was exciting to see the huge concrete planks hoisted and put into place, for the first floor.  These 24 hollow-core planks, weighing 9600 pounds each, sit on top of the walls of what will become our new Band Room, Chorus Room, and another Multi-Purpose Room. 

It’s good to know that the foundation we have for our newest building will be strong and sure.  Just like a building, children need a firm foundation in life, too.  We’re grateful that we can offer a top-flight education in a safe environment to your kids (or grandkids), that will give them the academic, athletic, artistic, and moral underpinnings they need to thrive.  Thanks for your prayers and financial support that make this venture possible!

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A Firm Foundation

September 28, 2015 >> On Saturday, September 26, the foundation for our new Clarence T.C. Ching Educational Center was laid.  The weather cooperated enough to allow this important step to be completed, and we’re grateful, not only for the visible progress, but the quality work done by so many.  All the careful planning and pre-event coordination that was done allowed everything to go very well.  Thanks to your continued prayers and ongoing support, this next phase of our Master Plan will begin to take even more shape, this fall.  Special thanks are due to KCC’s architect (Norman Hong) and Project Manager (Murray Bawden).  

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KCS Breaks Ground On Its Newest Building

June 29, 2015 >> On Tuesday, June 23, we held the official ground-breaking ceremony for the new Clarence T.C. Ching Educational Center.  There was cause for celebration, as hardhats were handed out among the construction-laden backdrop of our jobsite, earmarking the long-awaited start to our Phase 2a project.

In attendance were a number of key people who’ve made this venture of faith possible.  Of note were four of the trustees from the Clarence T.C. Ching Foundation: Raymond J. Tam, Catherine H.Q. Ching, Kenneth T. Okamoto, and Robert T. Fujioka, along with Tertia Freas, the Foundation’s Executive Director. 

Pastor Ron Arnold gave a moving summary of how God has worked to provide 8 of the 9 adjoining properties to KCC over the last 15 years and expressed special thanks to Selwyn King, our realtor, whose tireless efforts and patience enabled us to purchase the property at 1112 13th Avenue.  Ron went on to laud the faith of “those whose shoulders we’re standing on,” acknowledging former KCC pastor Harold Gallagher, as well as Ray Tanaka, Bill Yamada, and Gene Smith, who are still serving as Elders for KCC.  Along with KCS Principal Mark Gallagher, Ron concluded with a heartfelt prayer for God’s blessings, not only on our project, but for our community. 

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