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High School Students Share Mission Trip Experience

November 15, 2013
By KCS Staff
The KCS Philippines Mission Trip team is pictured with members of the Marikina YWAM church.

In a month where thankfulness is highlighted, our mission trip team shared how they learned the importance of gratitude a little earlier this year. From October 2-11, two freshmen, five sophomores, two staff members, and two parent chaperones journeyed to the Philippines to share God’s truth and love. This morning in chapel, the students and Pastor Valente brought their experiences to life, sharing pictures, stories, and impressions.

Our high schoolers recounted attending church service in Marikina. Despite the humble and tight quarters of the building, they immediately saw the joy in the hearts of those they worshipped with. As the team distributed the donations of shoes and clothes that KCS collected, our students were impressed by the recipients’ gratitude for simple, second-hand items that we often take for granted. Gospel bracelets made by some of our elementary students were also joyfully received.

Their ministry also extended to the Payatas dump, an area outside of Manila where people literally live amidst the trash. The team visited a church/school in the area, connecting with some of the students and hearing their stories. The testimony of one young girl, Diana, touched the hearts of Charis Ahn and Paul Lee (pictured left). Despite her bleak living conditions and broken family, because of her relationship with God, she was thankful for the opportunity to attend school.

In addition, the team spent time in a Girls Home and a Boys Home, places of refuge for orphans in the area. Our students embraced these experiences to build relationships with the kids in these homes, finding joy when they stepped out of their comfort zone to share God’s love.

The team expressed gratitude for the support and prayers of the entire KCS ‘ohana. We are so proud of them for representing KCS as a light in our world!