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Excursions in the Neighborhood

January 18, 2014
By KCS Staff
Art Explorium: Just down the street on Koko Head Avenue, Art Explorium is a non-profit organization that provides art opportunities for youth. Our third graders visited the studio this week, using their imagination and creativity to craft an animal and its habitat. This was a fun activity to tie into their science unit on adaptations.
At the studio, the students were split up into three groups and rotated to different stations. Each table was filled with recycled supplies, as the studio accepts donated items to re-use for various craft projects. Students were busy for an hour, thinking of new ways to re-purpose items for their animal and building it a habitat from a shoebox. It’s quite amazing what a little "trash" and imagination can produce!
Kapaolono Park: Earlier in the week, our fourth graders enjoyed the open space of this neighborhood park. They tested the different wind instruments (anemometers, wind veins, and pinwheels) they made during their science labs. Students collected data, experiencing how the different instruments work. They also got a chance to fly kites and will be returning on January 28!