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Big Island Reflections

March 28, 2014
By KCS Staff

From March 12-14, 30 fourth graders, accompanied by 17 parent chaperones and Mr. Kaji, Mr. Montgomery, and Mrs. Seria, travelled together to the Big Island. The annual Big Island trip is an opportunity for the students to tour and experience many of the unique sites on Hawaii that combine science, history, and Hawaiian culture.

This week, the fourth graders spent time together reflecting on the trip, discussing highlights, challenges, and lessons learned. They also reminisced about the fun time they spent with one another! The following are some of their memorable moments during the trip.

I most enjoyed going to Volcanoes National Park and the hotel! I also enjoyed Thurston Lava tube. ~Aidan

I liked going to the planetarium at Imiloa. I [liked] it because it was 3D. ~Logan

I enjoyed going to the lava tube and getting soaked in the steam vents. I also liked hanging out with my friends. ~Alex

I most enjoyed getting two samples at Big Island Candies. Also that I got to buy gifts for my family. ~Allie