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The Story Behind a Bell

August 22, 2014
By KCS Staff
A photo of Pastor Douglass is etched in metal on the memorial. The memorial was installed in late May.

Overlooking the activity of recesses on “blue island” is a fitting memorial to Pastor Leo Douglass.  The bell displayed in the memorial reveals a piece of KCS’ history and honors the service and work of the beloved Pastor Douglass.  

Harold and Jone Gallagher, parents of Mr. Gallagher, donated the bell to the school.  For decades, the bell was rung to signify the beginning of the school day, recess times, and the end of the day.  When it was rung in the morning, the entire student body gathered together for flag pledge, prayer, and song.  It became the tradition and responsibility for the oldest students at KCS to ring the bell.  

Pastor Douglass was an integral part of KCS from its beginning in 1968.  He served many roles during his tenure, most notably school pastor, bookkeeper, and bus driver.   He transitioned through those roles over the years and retired as school pastor in 1994.  Pastor Douglass continued to work at the school as recess supervisor until 2000, when he moved back to his home in Nebraska.  Many current staff have fond memories of him teaching the Bible in the classrooms, leading chapel, and pushing children on the playground swings.  His love for children was evident.

The original memorial stood at the east end of the 2nd floor Gallagher Hall but needed to be relocated when construction began on Harding Hall in 2011.  This past year, KCC member Jacob Summers undertook the rebuilding of the memorial as part of his Eagle Scout project.  The new memorial, with the original bell intact, strongly resembles the original structure.  It stands at a suitable location, close to the playground that Pastor Douglass spent many hours at during his latter years at KCS.