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PTG General Meeting Recap

October 03, 2014
By KCS Staff
Mrs. Ahn addresses the 'Ohana Group task force.

It was encouraging to see the parents in attendance during Wednesday’s PTG General Meeting.  After reviewing all the worthy endeavors that the PTG supports, from student activities to special projects, parents and teachers broke up into task groups.

The following is a summary of the groups for 2014-15:

Fundraising: This task group oversees the two major fundraisers for the year and shared ideas for upcoming years. Grandparents: Reflecting on successful preschool and middle/high school events last year, this group hopes to expand grandparent events to other grade levels.  They look forward to partnering with teachers and room parents to find more ways to honor grandparents in the KCS ‘ohana.  
Summer Help and Supplies:  Peter Lum (PTG Vice-President/Treasurer) identified the importance of parents helping teachers in their classrooms, especially in the weeks leading up to the start of school.  Although most of the work for this group will occur in the summer, they are also open to opportunities to support KCS staff throughout the year.
‘Ohana:  As one of the largest groups, the goal of this group is to foster connections among families outside of school hours.  The group discussed ideas by grade level and looks forward to planning 1-2 events this year!
KCC Outreach:  KCC staff shared about some neat events the church has planned for the fall.  This group seeks to connect school families with all the wonderful opportunities offered by KCC.  The Harvest Festival is coming up on October 31!