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Students Serve at High School Camp

August 21, 2015
By KCS Staff
It's a team effort! Students work together to package hygiene kits.
It was wonderful to see students responsibly working and serving others during high school camp.  Twenty-seven students attended camp, held at Pu’u Kahea Conference Center, from August 18-21. Activities during camp included two full service days. 
On August 19, the group visited the Waianae Boat Harbor, an area which has become a community for the homeless. The students passed out lunches and hygiene packets to the residents. Later in the afternoon, the students participated in the traveling preschool program, which is run by Ka Pa’alana, an organization that provides various services for families living in the homeless shelter at the Waianae Civic Center.
The next day, students served by cleaning and weeding the same shelter that they had visited the previous day. After lunch, students performed several skits based on the Bible stories (Luke 15) of the lost sheep, lost coin, and lost son. They also did a craft with the children that live in the shelter and sang fun songs like “Father Abraham” and “Jesus Loves Me.”  Residents at the shelter were grateful that the students connected so well with their young children.
In the evenings, the group had devotionals, led by Pastor Valente, which discussed Spiritual Disciplines such as fasting, prayer, silence, and solitude.  In addition to the opportunities students had to practice these disciplines throughout camp, they also spent their free time hanging out with friends and playing fun games designed by Mr. Kwong.
Though many students mentioned that it was hard, they later listed the service opportunities (and hanging out with friends) as some of their favorite parts of high school camp.