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College Class for Upperclassmen

August 28, 2015
By KCS Staff
Five KCS seniors after their Chinese 102 class at Kapiolani Community College.

Six of our high school upperclassmen joined the thousands of University of Hawaii college students starting class this week Monday. KCS is participating in Kapiolani Community College’s Early Admissions Program, which allows students to concurrently enroll in high school and college courses, earning them dual credit.

For the fall semester, five seniors are enrolled in Chinese 102, and junior Paul Lee is enrolled in Chinese 201.  The admissions process began in the Spring with submitting an application and completing placement tests. 

On the first day of class, the seniors felt a mix of nervousness and excitement.  Tyler Hope, who has attended KCS since preschool, said, “It was cool meeting new people.”  

Although they were surprised to see a quiz scheduled for the second day, Tyler and classmate Nichole Yamauchi felt their three years of high school Chinese at KCS had prepared them for the current level of material.  

As well as receiving a “head start” on their college transcript, Mrs. Seria, Upper School Vice Principal, notes that the program gives students “a taste of college level classes in a smaller context.”