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Robotics Tournament Recap

November 13, 2015
By KCS Staff

The problem: everyday litter and man made trash. The solution: the Litterbot.  

Defining a problem and creating an innovative solution to the FIRST Lego League “Trash Trek” project was the focus for this year’s KCS Robotics team.  They shared about their concept of the “Litterbot” at the district tournament, held this week Wednesday at Kalani High School.  In their presentation, team members described this unique robot as inspired by the “Roomba” and “Autonomous Ground Robot” from a popular video game.  Although the team needed to improve in the research aspect of the project, Coach Jonathan reflected that they made great progress in their presentation.  

During the table competition, the team overcame a malfunctioning sensor and made adjustments between rounds to end the day with a successful mission and their highest score. Coach Jonathan noted that Caleb and Jared, the team’s youngest members, played a key role in changing the robot’s program after the initial attempts had failed.  

For the 2016 season, the team’s goal is to balance and improve the skills for both the presentation and table component of the competition.