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HAIS Executive Director Visits KCS

November 20, 2015
By KCS Staff

On Thursday, KCS hosted Robert Landau, Executive Director of HAIS (Hawaii Association of Independent Schools).  Mr. Landau arrived in Hawaii in July and has made it a priority to visit all the HAIS member schools across the island.  HAIS strives to provide services to schools, parents, teachers, and students, as well as professional development and collaborative effort opportunities.

During his visit, Mr. Landau toured the campus, met with administrators and two faculty members, and stopped by 2nd grade to sing a quick song on his ukulele.  He concluded his time at KCS with the high school students.  He shared with them his vast array of international experience and travels over the past 40 years.  His most recent time abroad in Cambodia and Singapore led him to start Cambodia’s Future Foundation.  The organization’s mission is to educate, mentor, and empower Cambodians to make an impact in their country. He described the value of investing in Cambodian youth and shared how ten students selected for the program are currently making a visible impact in their communities.  His heart for social justice shined through his presentation. 

Mr. Landau was also excited to speak about a related topic, as HAIS will be introducing the Global Issues Network (GIN).  Over 80,000 students from around the world are involved in this network to tackle 20 key issues facing their future.  Schools participating in GIN apply these issues to their local communities.  HAIS will be hosting the Global Issues Conference in 2016-17, and Mr. Landau hopes to gather Hawaii high school students for a 2-day event in the Spring to plan for the conference.  He challenged KCS students to become involved in GIN to make a difference in the world!

Administrators enjoyed the dialogue with Mr. Landau and found it neat how his background and interests align with KCS’ focus on Asia. Mr. Landau seemed to also commend KCS for its mission of educating students to attain their God-intended potential.