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Toshiba ExploraVision Contest

April 25, 2016
By KCS Staff

Under the guidance of Mr. Kurian and Mrs. Takahashi, a team of four freshmen submitted an entry to the Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision program, a national K-12 science competition.  Their project, the Desalinating Extracting Water (DEW) filter, earned them Honorable Mention in the middle level (Grades 7-9) division.  The Honorable Mention award places the team’s project among the top 10% of all ExploraVision projects submitted this year. 

The DEW filter was inspired by the students’ Philippines Mission Trip in October, as Justus Ahn, Elise Kuwaye, Emily Kuwaye, and Grant Welham witnessed the country’s huge need for clean water. According to their abstract, the DEW “aims to accomplish the goal of cleaning both dirty and salty water on a global and personal scale.” The team invested many hours outside of class on the 11-page project, researching scientific principles and current technology, discussing ideas with one another, and writing their proposal for this innovative system.  

As well as receiving certificates from ExploraVision, local representatives from Toshiba presented gifts to the team during chapel on April 8.  The secondary science department hopes to use this accomplishment as a stepping stone to success in future science competitions!