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KCS Partners with Manoa Senior Care

September 30, 2016
By KCS Staff

Within walking distance of KCS are three live-in residences (operated by Manoa Senior Care) that provide care for the elderly. This school year, KCS looks forward to serving the residents in each home through monthly visits.  Mr. Kanakanui has coordinated these visits, a connection made possible by their Director of Community Relations, Malia Boyd.

Boyd notes the importance of these visits as they give the residents “something wonderful to look forward to.”  

This week, high school students and Ms. Kang’s 2B class were the first groups to bring the spirit of the KCS ‘ohana to the care homes. Guided by Mrs. Fong, the juniors and seniors shared two songs.  They also recited Tang poetry in Chinese and English.  Mrs. Watanabe’s 10th grade US History class worked with individual residents to create a paper craft and then presented a handwritten card.  Students in 2B performed a song and then met with the residents, sharing a little about themselves and then interviewing the residents.  

After observing the interaction between the sophomores and residents during Wednesday’s visit, Boyd said that “each woman’s face transformed as one or two kids came to pay special attention just to her.  Watching them all interact, the joy in our residents was obvious and palpable.”

Service continues to be one of the core values of a KCS education, as students learn and embrace the blessing that comes from sharing God’s love with others.  May these visits be a sweet time of fellowship!