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Impressive AP Exam Results for Class of 2019

August 18, 2017
By KCS Staff

Last school year, the lights were on at KCS on Saturdays as eight sophomores and U.S. History Teacher Ann Watanabe contemplated America’s past. The goal was to pass the Advanced Placement U.S. History exam that would enable these students to earn college credits – a lofty ambition that is typically tackled by seniors, not sophomores.

Ms. Watanabe led students through 11 Saturdays with a custom-created study sessions. The training featured trial testing conditions for essay composition, short answer writing and how to communicate a compelling position statement. The students became adept at analyzing their thoughts, synthesizing knowledge and applying it to different periods of history in different locations across the country.

In July, the test scores were posted. All of the students passed and 50% of them achieved a grade of 5, the highest score possible. On average, only 11% of students worldwide achieve the top score of 5.

These students who will enter college ahead of the game, potentially finish earlier and save their parents tuition money. This coming school year, KCS continues with its college-preparatory initiatives and partnership with Kapiolani Community College. Through KCC’s Early Admissions program, KCS upperclassmen concurrently enroll in high school and college level courses to earn dual credit.