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Impacting Kaimuki Christian from a New Position

September 01, 2017
By Yuzuha Shibata

"It's not my school; it's God's school," proclaims the new principal of Kaimuki Christian School, Mrs. Robyn Ahn. Mrs. Ahn's faithfulness to the Lord strengthens her work as the school's new leader, a position that she feels blessed to have received. Mrs. Ahn aims to use this opportunity to help students experience God's great love and kindness through the workings of our growing Christian school.

To accomplish the school's great purpose to glorify God, Mrs. Ahn desires to encourage students to build a personal relationship with the Lord during their time at Kaimuki Christian School. She also strives to ensure that children know who they are in Christ and teach them to be aware of their importance to Him. Not only does Mrs. Ahn intend to impact the lives of the students, but she also prays for God to use our school as a light to those in the surrounding community. She hopes that others can be inspired by the values of our school.

Mrs. Ahn feels very blessed to have received prayers from many around her. Touched by the overwhelming support, she has felt greatly encouraged. She prays that God will continue to equip her with wisdom and guide her to carry out His purpose for the school.