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China Trip Recap: I'm on Top of the World

November 09, 2017
By Aileen Lieu

As I finally made my way to the top, the most surreal feeling overcame me while I marveled at the never-ending wall and beautiful fall leaves. "I'm actually here. I conquered the Great Wall of China," I thought to myself. This breathtaking moment left me with a bittersweet feeling as I realized my trip to China was coming to an end. Everything seemed as if it was a dream. It was hard to believe that I was actually exploring the cities of Shanghai, Xian, and Beijing with my closest friends. I breathed in the chilly air and felt very content. Our trip to China was a journey to cherish forever. I am happy to say that I have experienced and learned immensely about Chinese culture.

From October 4 to 11, nine students from the junior and senior class along with two chaperones embarked on an adventure to China. With memories to last me a lifetime, I feel so blessed that KCS and my parents have allowed me to visit a foreign country. I never thought I would ever be able to travel to China. I was able to actively see all the wonderful sights and learn the historical background for places such as Emperor Qin’s Tomb, The Forbidden City, and The Temple of Heaven. I expanded my horizons by conversing in Chinese everyday with the locals on the street. One of the most memorable parts of my trip was when I discovered my love for eating deep fried scorpions and lamb kebabs in the night markets. I grew obsessed with the beauty of Chinese art and architecture in the Summer Palace. I fell in love with its people, and I became quite attached to the exotic Muslim food in Xian.

Feeling as if I could never be bored eating delicious dumplings for breakfast, I realized it is necessary to explore China in order to see how it really is for yourself. The opportunity to be on top of the world was something I could not miss. The best part was sharing all these special moments with my classmates. I hope to go back to China one day.