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New leadership team in place for 2018-19 school year

May 18, 2018
By KCS Staff

For thirteen years, Jane McClair has faithfully served the students, parents, and staff in the KCS 'ohana. Her most recent role as associate vice-principal has given her an opportunity to share her wealth of experience in education from an administrator perspective. Even though Mrs. McClair will transition out of the vice-principal position at the conclusion of the school year, she will continue to be a part of KCS as the new part-time Accreditation Coordinator. Mahalo, Mrs. McClair, for the tremendous impact you continue to make at KCS!

Assuming the role as lower school vice-principal is Steve Kaji. Mr. Kaji has taught 4th grade since 2005, and his history at KCS extends back to 1981, when he taught (preschool and 6th grade) for eleven years before following God's call to Japan. Mr. Kaji served in Japan for thirteen years, teaching English to students of all ages as well as serving as part-time administrator at the YMCA. He brings his years of teaching experience into his new role, overseeing preschool through 5th grade. Mr. Kaji looks forward to joining the leadership team of Mrs. Ahn and Mr. Kanakanui. He has also expressed his heart for continuing to make KCS a special place for teachers and students.