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"Big Kids Helping Little Kids"

December 03, 2018
By KCS Staff

A special bond is developing between KCS high school students and keiki at Palolo elementary school. This year, KCS is honored to participate in a partnership with YouthGrace, an organization with the mission of providing mentors for at-risk children as well as helping high school students become effective leaders and well-rounded individuals.

Ten high school students, ranging from 10th to 12th grade, have committed to meeting weekly in a one-on-one setting with their specially matched child. To participate in the program, high school students completed a formal training session earlier in the Spring. At Palolo elementary, KCS mentors spend time reading, playing, and listening to their child. Through this experience, KCS students have expressed their enjoyment and growth in building these new relationships.

Several special activities are planned throughout the school year for mentors and YouthGrace students. On Thanksgiving Eve, KCS and Palolo elementary students visited Palolo Chinese Home, entertaining the residents with songs, dancing, and Thanksgiving games and activities. What a special time of connection between all three age groups!