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KCS hosts Hosoda Gakuen students

October 15, 2019
By KCS Staff

A chorus of "ohayou gozaimasu!" could be heard on campus Tuesday morning, as thirty-seven high school students and two teachers from Hosoda Gakuen visited KCS. Located in Saitama, Japan, Hosoda Gakuen made their second school trip visit to Hawaii; this was their first visit to KCS.

The cultural exchange visit between the two high schools was initiated by Ribbon Productions, a company that works with local schools and the tour companies which bring in Japanese student visitors. According to Mina Law, mother of Kaiden (Gr. 3) and Micah (Gr. 1), Ribbon Productions "not only acts as a language interpreter but also a cultural interpreter." Thanks to  their coordination, students and staff enjoyed the unique experience of meeting new people from another country.

A program consisting of welcome speeches, a gift exchange, school tour, and fellowship over lunch gave students the opportunity to interact and connect with each other. The morning was highlighted by cultural activities presented by each school. KCS students shared a craft, using the stalks from banana plants to stamp patterns and designs on blank cards. Students from  Hosoda shared the kendama, origami, and the "Cat's Cradle" string game. Despite the language barrier for some KCS students, they quickly realized the importance of a friendly attitude and an openness to learn from others. What great experience for both schools!