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KCC/KCS pays tribute to Pastor Ron Arnold

November 15, 2019
By KCS Staff

November 12 marked Pastor Ron Arnold's one-year anniversary since he went home to heaven. Pastor Ron and his wife, Dee, faithfully and joyfully served the Kaimuki Christian 'ohana for 25 years. On Tuesday, Dee and KCC staff, elders, and friends gathered together for a time of remembrance and a planting of a plumeria tree on the 13th Avenue side of campus. The young tree was propagated from one of the plumeria trees that graced the former property where the Mahina parking lot is now located. As Pastor Ron does not have a grave site in Hawaii, Dee chose to plant the tree on campus as a physical place to remember him. Pastor Ron always loved plumeria, and this tree is a living memorial to be enjoyed by generations of students and staff.

Pastor Ron's legacy lives on through the words shared by his colleagues and friends. He is remembered as both gentle and strong, devoted and supportive, loving and courageous, and wise and gracious. KCS 4th, 5th, and 6th graders created cards for Aunty Dee, an expression of the school's support and tribute to a man whose vision continues to make a significant impact on guiding and shaping the school.