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5th graders share a virtual “thank you” to those on front lines of the coronavirus pandemic

March 27, 2020
By KCS Staff

On Monday, March 23, KCS became one of the first schools in Hawaii to adapt a distance-learning format in response to the coronavirus pandemic.  A distance learning plan was implemented for all grades, from two-year-olds to high school students.  While students and teachers may be separated by physical distance, the connection and community found through online learning has provided opportunities for new experiences and growth.  Students are utilizing various platforms to facilitate remote learning, including Zoom, Seesaw, and Google Classroom. 

With these tools, several 5th grade students and their teachers put together a special video during one of their Zoom video meetings.  They took time to express their appreciation for those serving on the front lines, thanking everyone who has worked tirelessly to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“To provide continuous education and support to our students and families, our dedicated teachers went above and beyond to learn new digital platforms, plan lessons, and research innovative ideas,” said Principal Robyn Ahn.