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Celebrating Thanksgiving

November 27, 2013
By KCS Staff
Middle schoolers help out with the meal service at Palolo Elementary School.

"...give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

1 Thessalonians 5:18

It was a wonderful week to celebrate all that God has blessed us with!

On Sunday, a group of KCS staff and middle/high school students joined KCC to fellowship with members of the Palolo community. Volunteers served a hot meal and interacted with children that attended the dinner and program. We are so proud of our students who pitched in their time to serve and share God’s love.

Wednesday morning was full of activity and energy as our entire school gathered for Thanksgiving chapel. Every student wore an original Thanksgiving headpiece. The message was given by Pastor Valente, as he shared some of the things he’s thankful for. Along with the delicious meals we have to look forward to tomorrow, he encouraged students to focus on thanksgiving and giving thanks in all circumstances. Our 2B class concluded chapel with the worship song, "Praise the Lord Together."

May your Thanksgiving abound with blessings from above!

Classroom Connection: Interactive Studying

November 27, 2013
By KCS Staff
Research groups hunt down the answers to share with their classmates.

Studying for a chapter test can be an ordinary task for most students. However, a peek into Mrs. McClair’s 5A classroom would indicate otherwise.

As students prepare for an upcoming Social Studies test on Colonial America, they are divided up into small research groups to study a particular section of the chapter review. Within each research group, tasks are assigned, as each student assumes a role as timekeeper, facilitator, presenter, or scribe. Mrs. McClair finds that the students enjoy the responsibilities associated with this activity. The classroom is filled with healthy chatter, a good sign that students are on task and engaged in the material. Afterwards, each group’s representative presents their information to the class. Some students really thrive during interpersonal activities like this!

Food collected benefits Aloha Harvest

November 27, 2013
By KCS Staff
Student Council officers and representatives present Aloha Harvest with boxes of donated food from our families.

Student Council officers and representatives enthusiastically collected food donations during morning drop off on November 25-26. The items were organized into boxes, ready for pick up by Aloha Harvest.

During lunch time on November 26, the Aloha Harvest truck rolled on to campus. Our middle/high school representatives and officers met Mele Pepa (pictured above) and then helped to load the donations onto their truck. Aloha Harvest, a neighborhood organization, expressed their gratitude for the nonperishable food items collected. Mele explained that the food would be delivered on the same day, making an immediate impact on the community. Aloha Harvest’s mission is "rescuing food to feed Hawaii’s hungry."

Thank you for supporting another worthy endeavor of our Student Council. More information about their December Service Project is coming soon!

Classroom Connection: ePals for Sixth Graders

November 22, 2013
By KCS Staff

Know what a "kiwi" looks like? Just ask one of our sixth graders. As well as being the name of a fruit, a kiwi is a flightless bird native to New Zealand. Thanks to a current project, 6A and 6B have learned about kiwi birds through their interaction and correspondence with a class in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Mrs. Law, sixth grade language arts and social studies teacher, established this relationship through ePals Global Community. The website connects classrooms around the world through email, Skype, and projects. Our sixth graders have emailed with students in two countries: New Zealand and Poland. They have also produced a video, filmed on different parts of the campus, as an introduction to their life at KCS.

Their latest project involves Kiwi, a stuffed animal that the classes received from their friends in New Zealand. Each day, Kiwi goes home with a student and a picture is taken of Kiwi and the student at a unique location in Hawaii. Pictures will then be sent to the class in New Zealand. As part of the exchange, our students sent a "honu" to New Zealand and will receive pictures of its adventures in Rotorua.

Through this experience, Mrs. Law hopes students will build friendship through their email exchanges as well as cultural awareness and a better understanding of world geography. Students look forward to corresponding with their ePals throughout the school year!

High School Students Share Mission Trip Experience

November 15, 2013
By KCS Staff
The KCS Philippines Mission Trip team is pictured with members of the Marikina YWAM church.

In a month where thankfulness is highlighted, our mission trip team shared how they learned the importance of gratitude a little earlier this year. From October 2-11, two freshmen, five sophomores, two staff members, and two parent chaperones journeyed to the Philippines to share God’s truth and love. This morning in chapel, the students and Pastor Valente brought their experiences to life, sharing pictures, stories, and impressions.

Our high schoolers recounted attending church service in Marikina. Despite the humble and tight quarters of the building, they immediately saw the joy in the hearts of those they worshipped with. As the team distributed the donations of shoes and clothes that KCS collected, our students were impressed by the recipients’ gratitude for simple, second-hand items that we often take for granted. Gospel bracelets made by some of our elementary students were also joyfully received.

Their ministry also extended to the Payatas dump, an area outside of Manila where people literally live amidst the trash. The team visited a church/school in the area, connecting with some of the students and hearing their stories. The testimony of one young girl, Diana, touched the hearts of Charis Ahn and Paul Lee (pictured left). Despite her bleak living conditions and broken family, because of her relationship with God, she was thankful for the opportunity to attend school.

In addition, the team spent time in a Girls Home and a Boys Home, places of refuge for orphans in the area. Our students embraced these experiences to build relationships with the kids in these homes, finding joy when they stepped out of their comfort zone to share God’s love.

The team expressed gratitude for the support and prayers of the entire KCS ‘ohana. We are so proud of them for representing KCS as a light in our world!

Third Graders Help with Student Council Project

November 01, 2013
By KCS Staff

The response to our first Student Council service project was great, as donations of toiletries poured in from the homerooms this week!  In preparation for donation to River of Life, our 3rd graders helped by packing the toiletries into "hygiene kits." Miss Sun’s 3A class filled plastic bags with an assortment of toiletry items, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, shampoo, and soap. Students also taped a home made card to the kit, drawn by Miss Narimatsu’s 3B class. The cards incorporated a Bible verse that each student selected. Other classes will help with the packing process and have contributed cards as well. We pray these kits will be a blessing to all the people that the River of Life Ministry reaches out to!

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