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January 31, 2014
By KCS Staff

Ms. Sun’s 3A class took the lead this morning in lower chapel. They shared a dramatic reading of Matthew 18:21-25. The parable of the unforgiving servant illustrates the enormity of God’s grace and is a reminder of the importance of forgiving others. 3A studied this passage earlier this year and were excited to act it out. They did a great job bringing God’s word to life through their use of costumes, props, and staging. We are so proud of their creativity and initiative to put this skit together!

Classroom Connection: Animal Enrichment

January 31, 2014
By KCS Staff

Ever wonder how animals occupy their time in the zoo? This year, 7th graders learned about the "Animal Enrichment Program" at the Honolulu Zoo. This program provides mentally and physically enriching activities for the animals. In other words, animals need activities (and toys), too!

Mrs. Takahashi’s 7th grade science class wanted to participate in the toy-making process. Mrs. Takahashi invited Shelby Carlos, Docent/Enrichment Coordinator at the Zoo, to instruct the students on making several different toys for the animals.

The class gathered in the multi-purpose room for this activity. Shelby shared with them photos of sample toys/enrichment activities used at the zoo. Then the students began working, creating three different toys. "Monster boxes" are crafted from empty cereal and oatmeal boxes. Students used construction paper to decorate the boxes with faces and 3D elements. The zoo will fill the boxes with toys, food, or small stuffed animals. While the animal may cherish their toy for a short period of time, they will eventually rip it apart to enjoy the food or smaller toy inside. The students also worked on a "Mophead Cereal" toy, tying pieces of cereal to strands on a mop. Students painted the final toy, made from paper mache, with bright colors. These toys will be stuffed with food and used for "hide and go seek" with the animals.

The students enjoyed this community service project and learning about animal enrichment. They also learned that toy-making can be a fun but messy process. Mrs. Takahashi hopes to partner with the Zoo again to collect items on their donation list.

Excursions in the Neighborhood

January 18, 2014
By KCS Staff
Art Explorium: Just down the street on Koko Head Avenue, Art Explorium is a non-profit organization that provides art opportunities for youth. Our third graders visited the studio this week, using their imagination and creativity to craft an animal and its habitat. This was a fun activity to tie into their science unit on adaptations.
At the studio, the students were split up into three groups and rotated to different stations. Each table was filled with recycled supplies, as the studio accepts donated items to re-use for various craft projects. Students were busy for an hour, thinking of new ways to re-purpose items for their animal and building it a habitat from a shoebox. It’s quite amazing what a little "trash" and imagination can produce!
Kapaolono Park: Earlier in the week, our fourth graders enjoyed the open space of this neighborhood park. They tested the different wind instruments (anemometers, wind veins, and pinwheels) they made during their science labs. Students collected data, experiencing how the different instruments work. They also got a chance to fly kites and will be returning on January 28!

National Geographic Bee Results

January 10, 2014
By KCS Staff

Every year, schools across the country participate in the National Geographic Bee, using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. According to their website, the bee is designed to "encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography." Students in grades 4 through 8 are eligible to particpate.

This morning, nine students competed in the school level bee. Congratulations to Emily Kuwaye (Gr. 7B)! She repeats as the school champion for the 3rd year in a row. She faced off in a tie breaker round with Tyson Lin (Gr. 5A), as they answered the same amount of questions correctly in the championship round. Tyson finished in 2nd place, and Ethan Higa (Gr. 7B) placed 3rd. Emily will be given a written test to see if she qualifies for the state competition. Great job!

Basketball Season Preview

January 10, 2014
By KCS Staff

The KCS basketball team opens up their season tonight as they face Trinity Christian School. The team has been practicing since early November and looks forward to their first taste of competition this weekend.

The team is coached by Mr. Kwong and parent Kenneth Chong (Aysen, K1 and Alyssa, K2). Coach Ken played basketball throughout high school. He shared that he felt God’s call to help out with the team and has found himself enjoying practices and working with our students.

Along with each player setting their own goals for the season, the coaches are aiming to reinforce Christian values and cultivate caring, student athletes as fundamental basketball skills are introduced. In turn, practices are focused on teamwork and developing a strong work ethic. Coach Ken has already seen growth in his players’ confidence level since the first practice. He expresses appreciation to the team parents for their support, as he hopes the players will enjoy the experience of team sports.

We look forward to cheering on our team as they begin another season in the Hawaii Sports Fellowship League!

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