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KCS 'ohana shows their support for Mrs. Nagata

November 26, 2014
By KCS Staff
Scenes from Shop for Shirley. The benefit event raised over $20,000 for the Nagata family.

Inspired by their love for Mrs. Nagata and saddened by her current bout with stage 4 cancer, several KCS staff members came together a few weeks ago to plan a benefit garage sale for her.  The result on Saturday was beyond what they could have imagined.  

Current and former students/families, KCC/KCS staff, KCC members, and friends all rallied together to produce a wonderful event that raised over $20,000 for the Nagata family.  A silent auction coordinated by KCS parents contributed $1,660 to the overall total.

Thanks to social media and word of mouth, news of the event spread to families that no longer attend KCS but hold a special place in their heart for Mrs. Nagata.  The event became a mini KCS reunion, reconnecting former students with each other and their KCS teachers. Moreover, families could express their encouragement and well wishes to Mrs. Nagata’s family, as her husband Glenn and two daughters participated in the event.  They were overwhelmed by the support they received.

As of one the lead coordinators, Pam Kaji praised God for the success of the event, as all the details seemed fall in place.  She reflected, “It was a very calm, peaceful, enjoyable time together with everyone.  It was more than a garage sale - it was a gathering.”  

The team effort and joy displayed by all the volunteers was evident.  Via email, parent volunteer Tammy Kao said, “I felt very blessed to have been able to be a part of [Shop for Shirley].”   It was indeed a special day for the KCS ‘ohana!

Great Season for Robotics Team

November 17, 2014
By KCS Staff
Congratulations to this year's Robotics team for a successful season!

“The future of education” was the project topic for the 2014 FIRST Lego League competition, challenging teams to devise an innovative solution to improve learning for a particular group of people. 

At the district tournament on November 11, our Robotics team presented their product, a “Personal Martial Arts Training System,” as a tool that would help someone learning martial arts to practice and improve his/her form and techniques at home. The system would use a dummy with impact sensors to generate a 3D model to offer a student feedback based on data collected. In addition to giving their presentation, the team worked well together on the table competition, utilizing their programming skills to maneuver their robot to complete various “missions” on the table.  After three runs, the team posted an impressive 2nd place finish with 160 points.  

Although the team will not be advancing to the state tournament, Coach Jonathan Addiss said this third year of competition for KCS was “its best so far.”  The team accomplished several goals, which included completing a full project early enough to rehearse and present it to a group of KCS staff before the competition.  He also noted that the team completed more missions on the table competition than any of the previous years.  For next year, the team hopes to build on the skills learned throughout this season!

Benefit Garage + Bake Sale for KCS Teacher

November 14, 2014
By KCS Staff

Mrs. Shirley Nagata has been a dedicated 2nd grade teacher at KCS for 17 years.  Students adore her creativity, warmth, and loving heart.  Over the summer, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. She is currently continuing with her chemotherapy treatment.  

Mrs. Nagata has previously overcome cancer and has remained positive in her current fight. The KCS ‘ohana is sponsoring "Shop for Shirley" to help Mrs. Nagata and her family with medical expenses incurred during her treatment.  "Shop for Shirley: A Benefit Garage + Bake Sale" will take place on Saturday, November 22, from 8 am to 2 pm in the multipurpose room (MPR).  Let’s rally around Mrs. Nagata through "Shop for Shirley"!

Student Council Project Benefits River of Life

November 10, 2014
By KCS Staff
Students in 2A and 5A help to package hygiene kits; the kits will be donated to River of Life during the holidays.

Last month, the Student Council sponsored their first service project of the year.  They collected a variety of toiletry items to donate to River of Life Mission, a local faith-based organization committed to restoring broken lives through rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration services.

To help with the process of preparing the items to give to River of Life, several classes pitched in to put together "hygiene kits." Each kit contained a washcloth, toothpaste or toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion.

Thanks to students in 2A, 5A, and student council members, Advisor Mrs. Trapasso believes KCS will be able to supply River of Life with over one hundred beautifully packaged kits.  Students in preschool, kindergarten, and 3A shared their creative talents by coloring/decorating handmade cards to attach to the hygiene kits.  We hope these small but meaningful packages will bless the individuals that receive them during the holidays!

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