Archives - February 2014

Solo and Ensemble Festival

February 28, 2014
By KCS Staff

Bravo to our middle and high school students who participated in the Solo and Ensemble Festival on February 9 (middle school)/February 16 (high school). The flute quartet of Nichole Yamauchi, Heather Yamauchi, Elise Kuwaye, and Emily Kuwaye received a blue ribbon for their performance from Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons - Spring, Movements 1 & 3. Yurina Kim, Aileen Lieu, Maile Ogata, Janessa Chun, Paige Yuen, and Sarah Mann also received their certificates of participation this morning.

Valentine's Day with Grandma and Grandpa

February 14, 2014
By KCS Staff

After a successful Christmas Tea with our middle and high school students, our PTG has planned a series of grandparent events for our preschool classes. Today, grandparents were invited to Mrs. Spearing’s P4A class to make a craft with their grandchild. Students decorated a frame with their grandparents, and the frame will later be filled with a photo from today’s event. We hope our grandparents were honored by this special time spent with their grandchild at KCS!

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