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Big Island Reflections

March 28, 2014
By KCS Staff

From March 12-14, 30 fourth graders, accompanied by 17 parent chaperones and Mr. Kaji, Mr. Montgomery, and Mrs. Seria, travelled together to the Big Island. The annual Big Island trip is an opportunity for the students to tour and experience many of the unique sites on Hawaii that combine science, history, and Hawaiian culture.

This week, the fourth graders spent time together reflecting on the trip, discussing highlights, challenges, and lessons learned. They also reminisced about the fun time they spent with one another! The following are some of their memorable moments during the trip.

I most enjoyed going to Volcanoes National Park and the hotel! I also enjoyed Thurston Lava tube. ~Aidan

I liked going to the planetarium at Imiloa. I [liked] it because it was 3D. ~Logan

I enjoyed going to the lava tube and getting soaked in the steam vents. I also liked hanging out with my friends. ~Alex

I most enjoyed getting two samples at Big Island Candies. Also that I got to buy gifts for my family. ~Allie

Soccer Season Preview

March 15, 2014
By KCS Staff

The third and final sport of the Hawaii Sports Fellowship League is underway, as our boys and girls soccer (7 vs. 7) teams kick off their season tomorrow with their first game.

Mr. Seria, coach of both teams, looks forward to implementing skills reinforced during practices in upcoming games. Although our teams do not have the benefit of practicing on an open field, Mr. Seria is using the spaces available on campus to build tactical skills. He is emphasizing "possession ball," running drills to build confidence in the fundamentals of passing and dribbling.

As well as working on skills, Mr. Seria seeks to increase students’ knowledge of the game through strategy and "playing smart." His goal is for the teams to play a strong defensive game, allowing the defense to create plays for the offense. On the field, players are challenged to become more aware of spacing to create scoring opportunities.

Throughout the first week of practice, Mr. Seria has sensed an excitement amongst his players. He feels that the returning players are learning from last year and everyone is trying hard. Go, KCS!

Read Across America

March 07, 2014
By KCS Staff
P4 students pose with Ronald McDonald.

Classrooms around campus celebrated the joy of reading with pajamas, Dr. Seuss hats, and storytime on Monday, March 3, in honor of Read Across America. Special guest readers spent time with Preschool to 5th graders. Ronald McDonald treated Preschool to 1st grade to a presentation on reading, demonstrating the importance of books through humor and magic tricks. We were excited to welcome back Jody Kamisato, as he shared a story and music on his ukulele with 2nd to 4th grades. Former KCS student Tarah Driver (sibling of Zoie, Gr. 5A) read a Dr. Seuss story to 5th grade. Tarah is currently Miss East Oahu’s Outstanding Teen. Our students enjoyed their time with these special guests!

Kindness Counts

March 07, 2014
By KCS Staff

In upper chapel today, the middle school Drama elective class presented a skit that conveyed the importance of following the Golden Rule. The class worked on the skit for months, from writing the original script to learning the skills of production and performance throughout the process. The skit also integrated other subjects, including Language Arts, Bible, and Technology. Bravo!

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