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Ms. Yokomizo's 40th Year

May 23, 2014
By KCS Staff

Today we surprised kindergarten teacher Lynn Yokomizo with a special presentation during chapel, as the 2013-2014 school year marked her 40th year at KCS. A video chronicled Ms. Yokomizo’s years at KCS and included messages from Pastor Ron, current staff, and friends. Mr. Gallagher also read a few excerpts that KCS founding principal, Mrs. Helen McKenzie, wrote about Ms. Yokomizo, and he confirmed the same attributes still exist in her today.

Mrs. Seria presented her with a trophy and family came up to greet her with leis. Ms. Yokomizo was utterly shocked by the presentation, saying she was "speechless."

We honor her for everything she’s contributed to KCS, as she is a model of hard work, dedication, and love for her students. We love you, Ms. Yokomizo!

Presenting the Class of 2014

May 23, 2014
By KCS Staff
Congratulations to our 8th grade class of 2014!

There was a mix of celebration and sadness on the evening of May 21 as our 8th graders became middle school graduates. While we will miss those who will be moving on to other high schools, we are excited that the rest join the pioneering members of our high school.

Shereyna Shinbo received the Principal’s Most Improved Student Award, and Bailey Ofilas received the Christian Disciple Award. Salutatorian Rhylie Kono and Valedictorian Yuzuha Shibata addressed their classmates, reflecting on the profound impact that KCS has made on their respective lives.

For their class song, they danced to the pop hit, "Without You," paying tribute to all the teachers and staff that helped them on their journey to graduation as well as giving glory to the Lord above. Best wishes to the Class of 2014!

Students Shine at Spring Concerts

May 16, 2014
By KCS Staff

Our music department presented a series of Spring Concerts on May 9 and May 13. It was exciting to see, at every grade level, our students shine on stage!

Preschool and Kindergarten classes sang a mix of contemporary and classic Christian songs. Several songs were drawn from the Vacation Bible School CD, "Avalanche Ranch, and the preschoolers were adorable in their matching cowboy gear! As a finale, all classes sang the Rich Mullins classic, "Awesome God."

Our 1st to 3rd graders showcased a variety of musical talent for their concert. Prior to singing their songs, 1st graders demonstrated the Solfège technique for singing, using corresponding hand motions for each note. Second graders incorporated the Tinikling, a traditional Philippine dance using two bamboo poles, into their performances. They also composed their own songs: "Jesus in the Clouds" (2A) and "God is Good" (2B). Third graders ended the concert on their recorders, playing several beautiful songs!

The final concert featured our 4th to 10th graders. Students in 6th to 10th grade presented several band pieces. Fifth graders were rockin’ on their ukuleles, as they were accompanied by classmates on piano, guitar, bass, and 4th grader Kolby Kon on drums. Fourth graders delighted the audience on their ukuleles, playing several popular island tunes. The evening ended with the 6th to 10th choir. One of the songs, "Jesus, A Shining Success, " was written by 7th grader Maile Ogata.

All three concerts were a wonderful display of our students’ hard work throughout the year in music class with Mr. Kanakanui (Kindergarten to Grade 10) or Mr. Seria (Preschool). Bravo!

Classroom Connection: Kualoa Ranch Excursion

May 09, 2014
By KCS Staff

On May 8, the 8th, 9th, and 10th graders traveled to Kualoa Ranch to perform an outdoor lab in which they designed and conducted their own experiments, testing hypotheses about water quality in the creek at the ranch. Students tested the pH, temperature, salinity, flow rate, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen levels in the creek and compared data from different sites. They learned about factors that affect water quality in different areas, and how water quality may affect the organisms living in the water.

8th Grade Drama: Kimo Van Winkle

May 02, 2014
By KCS Staff

The 8th grade production of "Kimo Van Winkle" delighted its audience this afternoon. The integrated drama followed the character of Kimo as he navigates his way in the 1940s on Oahu, after waking up from a 49-year nap.

After working in teams to write a historically accurate script, the 8th graders brought the drama to life through the use of foreign languages and accents, character development, and humor. Our Drama elective class assisted them throughout the production, generating sets, assisting with props, and serving as stagehands during the performance.

Bravo to the entire team of staff and students for incorporating culture and key pieces of history in a thoroughly entertaining play!

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