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School Trips: from Big Island to DC!

March 31, 2015
By KCS Staff
(Top) Fourth graders at Jaggar Museum. (Bottom) High school students pictured at the Lincoln Memorial.

An integral component of the upper school curriculum are class trips planned for students’ 4th grade and high school years.  Prior to Spring Break, freshmen and sophomores enjoyed a week in Washington, D.C., while 4th graders spent three days touring the Big Island.  The students were richly blessed by these educational opportunities.  Mahalo for supporting their various fundraisers throughout the year!

Big Island Trip: This year, the 4th graders spent an extended time at Volcanoes National Park.  They stayed overnight at Kilauea Miliatary Camp and hiked at night to see Halemaumau Crater.  The glow of the caldera was quite an awesome sight!  The next morning, the group explored more of the park, including a stop at the Jaggar Museum.

Washington DC Trip: A group of ten high school students toured many of our nation’s important historical, political, and cultural sites in and around the Washington DC area.  Highlights included the White House, US Capitol, Mount Vernon, Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials, Washington Monument, and Arlington National Cemetery.  They even squeezed in a few snowball fights!

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