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Presenting the Class of 2015

May 22, 2015
By KCS Staff
Congratulations to the 8th grade class of 2015!

KCS celebrated a historic moment on the evening of May 20 as twenty-nine 8th graders graduated from middle school.  This marks the end of 8th grade graduation at KCS, as we look forward to celebrating our seniors’ graduation from high school in the coming years.  While we will miss the graduates moving on to other high schools, we are excited that half the class will continue their KCS career here as freshmen.  Valedictorians Justus Ahn, Elise Kuwaye, and Emily Kuwaye co-authored their valedictorian speech, drawing inspiration from “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss.  They reminded their classmates that nothing is impossible with God and that success is defined through obedience to the Lord.  We applaud the many talents and gifts of this amazing class.  Best wishes to the Class of 2015!

8th Grade Drama: E Pluribus Unum

May 15, 2015
By KCS Staff
Bravo to our 8th grade class!

In a joint effort between Social Studies, Language Arts, Speech, Drama, Chorus, and Band classes, the 8th graders presented their annual integrated drama on Thursday, May 14.   

Their original production, E Pluribus Unum (Latin for “Out of Many, One”), chronicled the adventures of Sammy Bradford and Bill Collier’s ancestors.  As the boys toured the Smithsonian National Museum, exhibits came to life, giving them glimpses into their ancestors’ involvement in many key events in American history.  All 29 students played roles in the drama, as the plot spanned from the years of settlement/colonization to the Civil War.

Musical pieces also brought to life the different eras depicted in the drama.  For the finale, students recited the powerful words of Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.”  It was an amazing performance by our students! 

Impressive Debut for Video Production Class

May 08, 2015
By KCS Staff
The winning Video Production team pictured with the sponsors of the “Start Living Healthy” category. The team received a certificate, trophy, and new Sony video camera for KCS. Awesome job!

“Don’t show. Reveal.”  This challenging concept is one of Pastor Valente’s goals for his Video Production students.  As a new course this year, students enrolled in the elective class have learned the different skills and techniques, as well as the process, of producing successful videos.  

A team from the high school class was recently recognized for their entry in the ‘Ōlelo Youth Xchange video competition.  Youth from across the state were invited to submit videos to express their voice on a variety of issues.  The team comprised of junior Charis Ahn, sophomores Sam Stone and Paul Lee, and freshman Yuzuha Shibata produced a PSA for the “Start Living Healthy” category.  Their video, “Focus In Class But Not At The Clock,” earned them an invitation to an Awards Banquet, held on Monday, May 4 at Sheraton Waikiki.  The team was surprised and very excited when they were announced as the winners of the high school division of their category.  The win is a huge accomplishment and bodes well for the future of the Video Production program.

The team’s 30-second PSA proved effective in conveying the importance of physical education in schools.  According to Pastor Valente, the group put in the necessary time during the “pre-production” phase, which included creating storyboards and testing shots prior to filming.  Charis reflected that being at the Awards Banquet gave her a “boost of confidence.”  

In today’s visual and media saturated society, it’s important for students to learn effective and strategic ways to communicate.  We are excited that our Video Production students are learning these essential 21st century skills!

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