Archives - December 2016

Alumni Return to KCS to Unveil Class Gift

December 21, 2016
By KCS Staff

The inaugural graduating class of KCS returned to campus during the winter break to present their class gift, a beautiful mural displayed on the Diamond Head side of the 1st floor of the Clarence T.C. Ching Educational Center.  After the mural unveiling, artist Tom Deir described the process of creating the 3-by-4 foot piece, from sketching out the concept to firing the colored ceramic tiles.  The mural incorporates the visual components of a dove, olive branch, hills, and light rays.  Bible verses, selected by each graduate, are written on the leaves of the olive branch.  During the dedication, the young ladies shared their scripture and why they selected the verse. KCS is blessed by this special work of art, an enduring reminder of its first graduating class!  

For more coverage of the event, check out KITV4 and East Oahu Voice.

KCS Teacher Publishes Book

December 16, 2016
By KCS Staff

Combining her love of reading and her passion for writing, 5th grade teacher Ms. Gloria Morgan has authored a new book, published in late October, which features a collection of her poems.  In Bible Stories in Poetry Form, Ms. Morgan penned over 30 poems, drawing from beloved biblical characters and themes.  Ms. Morgan’s experience as a classroom teacher and her desire to present the Bible in a unique way inspired her compilation of poems. 

“Ever since I can remember, I always loved to write,” reflected Ms. Morgan.  Finding time to write during her breaks and spare time, Ms. Morgan said she has written a number of books and has touched on all genres of literature from children’s books to fiction and non-fiction works.  Her primary source of inspiration is nature.

Through the process of writing and publishing her work, Ms. Morgan noted that she has learned patience, dedication, and flexibility.  She hopes to impart more lessons from her experiences with her students as they plan to start a mini publishing project in class.