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8th Grade Integrated Drama

March 11, 2016
By KCS Staff

The 8th grade class brought the historic Battle of Bull Run to life, as they presented a stage adaptation of Paul Fleischman’s novel, Bull Run.  Each student assumed a persona from the novel and presented several monologues to give the audience a glimpse into how the character was affected by the First Battle of the Bull Run during the Civil War.  The perspectives ranged from northerner and southerner, male and female, free men and slaves.

As an integrated project, the presentation incorporated several middle school disciplines, including Social Studies, Language Arts, Music, Drama, and Technology.  Students did a great job delivering their respective character’s point of view through costumes, props, and accents.  Bravo to students and staff for putting together a unique presentation of such an important historical event!

3rd Place for Boys' Basketball

March 04, 2016
By KCS Staff

Three games in three days.  Not an easy task for any team, but the boys’ basketball team went 2-1 in last week’s HSF post-season tournament to finish 3rd place in league play.

After defeating FCS 51-31 on Thursday, the team dropped the next game to top-seeded CCCS. In the consolation game on Saturday, KCS faced a TCS team they had not beaten in two regular season games. However, KCS kept the game close, built a lead, and was able to hold on for the exciting victory, 49-46. 

Coaches credit the players’ execution of their defense as one of the keys to the game.  They also prepared for the tournament by practicing breaking the press, resulting in less turnovers.  In a true team effort, five freshmen players made significant contributions in earning the win, demonstrating growth in their skills and confidence over the course of the season. 

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