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High School Camp: "The Way of Jesus"

August 26, 2016
By KCS Staff

Fun, food, and...feet? Although the high school students enjoyed relaxing together on the Leeward coast on August 15-18, what they’ll remember most are the opportunities they had to follow Jesus’ example.  This began when they washed each other’s feet and continued when they applied His teaching by serving primarily homeless families in Waianae at Ka Pa’alana Preschool, the Civic Center, and the Boat Harbor.

Ka Pa’alana’s free preschool offers enrichment activities and nutritional meals for children ages 0-5, in addition to parent education classes and other health services.  Smiles abounded as KCS students assisted the staff by reading to and playing with the children.

The Waianae Civic Center provides temporary shelter and support services for many families and individuals.  KCS students helped to make the environment more hospitable by painting benches and cleaning walls.  

A large community of people live near the Waianae Boat Harbor.  While many KCS students felt compassion for the residents as they listened to the heartbreaking stories, others also gained a sense of respect for those they had formerly stereotyped.  They also realized how much they have to be grateful for and how important it is for people to feel connected to each other.  

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