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Unique Opportunities to Bridge Generations

January 27, 2017
By KCS Staff

This week, different grade levels made visits to Manoa Senior Care and Leahi Hospital.  KCS has a long standing relationship with Leahi, as students perform for patients twice a year.  The partnership with Manoa Senior Care began last summer and has continued with monthly visits throughout the school year.

The gap between school-aged children and the elderly can quickly diminish with a simple craft or a familiar song.  When Ms. Yokomizo’s kindergartners visited Manoa Senior Care on Thursday, they worked with individual residents to make a beaded bracelet.  Conversation between the two generations seemed to flow once they had the opportunity to create something together.

As visiting the elderly may be a new experience for some students, staff spend time preparing them for the visit.  Students are encouraged to ask questions to see what they can learn from an older generation.  KCS believes the integration of community service into its curriculum enriches the students’ learning experience, cultivating individuals who put others before themselves.

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