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Well-used house to give way to a new purpose

October 06, 2017
By KCS Staff

Originally purchased by KCC/KCS in 2005, the “Office Annex” property located on the corner of 13th and Mahina Avenues has served in multiple capacities for the church and school ‘ohana. Next week, prep work begins for the house to be demolished, as plans are in place for a spacious new parking lot. This project marks the start of Phase 2b of the KCC/KCS Master Plan. 

A closer look at this two-story American Craftsman style home reveals unique architectural features, which include high ceilings, hardwood floors, diamond shaped single-pane windows, crown molding, and a lava rock fireplace. Pastor Jerry Hubbard, a former social studies teacher, imagines the home (built in 1916) was probably considered an “estate” for its time. Before the demolition begins, some of its unique features will be salvaged and materials from the home will be recycled. Additionally, the current lava rock perimeter wall will be retained.

Also referred to as the “Sugihara House” for its former owners, this residence has a history of eclectic uses. From accommodating finance and pastoral staff offices to being rented out to college students and community ministries such as Common Grace, the house has surely been a blessing and actual “home” to many. The house has also provided a place for storage, a tool shop, and various church ministries. 

Thankful for the provision of the Office Annex for the past 12 years, KCC/KCS leaders look forward to the new parking facility designed by Group 70 International, Inc. The design maximizes space, as the campus will gain an additional 12-14 parking stalls. Five weeks is the expected timeline of the demolition and parking lot construction project. 

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