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"Friendship" Themed Middle School Camp

August 30, 2017
By Kala'i Fisher

Friendship, teamwork, and a Christ-centered community were all themes of the KCS 2017 Middle School Camp. Far to the west, on the always sunny side of the island, lies Camp Waianae. From August 15-17, middle schoolers enjoyed a retreat in which they forged strong bonds with one another and nurtured their relationship with God.

Some of the uniquely exciting events students took part in included gaga ball and archery, alongside the more well-known activities of swimming and basketball. They strengthened their relationships through many of the team bonding exercises created by awesome staff. Kaimuki Christian Church’s Youth Pastor Charly Pedersen preached the importance of being mentored and treating others how they want to be treated. In addition to his enriching messages, the middle schoolers performed various skits to demonstrate what they had learned. Following the success of this year's middle school camp, students and staff members alike eagerly await events in store for next year.

Serving our kupuna and the homeless

August 30, 2017
By Grant Welham

"I was too poor to have ambitions." The words of the ninety-five year old kupuna still ring in my ears several days after the end of camp. It was one of countless memories and lessons that I took away from camp after serving the elderly at Waianae's gym and the homeless at Waianae Civic Center. The other high schoolers and I spent four days from August 14-17 at Camp Pu'u Kahea in Waianae learning more about the love of God and sharing it with the surrounding community.

Two days were spent in service to kupuna at Waianae's gym. I had the opportunity to speak with two different kupuna, Aunty Maxine and Aunty Hilda, on the first day. Every student inquired about his or her kupuna's life and had in-depth conversations with them to brighten up their day. The second day we returned and again had conversations with our kupuna, hoping to learn from them as well as provide them company. Students also helped to serve a lunch to the kupuna and performed a dance and talent show.

Along with spending time with our kupuna, all the high school students spent two days serving at the Waianae Civic Center.  The civic center is a place where homeless people are provided living accommodations, as well as resources, to help get them back on their feet. Our goal was to provide maintenance that would improve the quality of life for those living at the civic center. To do this, we repainted curbs, cleaned a playground structure, and scrubbed the walls of the center. Despite their conditions many homeless people thanked us profusely for our service, demonstrating that despite unfavorable circumstances, one can find joy in life.

Impressive AP Exam Results for Class of 2019

August 18, 2017
By KCS Staff

Last school year, the lights were on at KCS on Saturdays as eight sophomores and U.S. History Teacher Ann Watanabe contemplated America’s past. The goal was to pass the Advanced Placement U.S. History exam that would enable these students to earn college credits – a lofty ambition that is typically tackled by seniors, not sophomores.

Ms. Watanabe led students through 11 Saturdays with a custom-created study sessions. The training featured trial testing conditions for essay composition, short answer writing and how to communicate a compelling position statement. The students became adept at analyzing their thoughts, synthesizing knowledge and applying it to different periods of history in different locations across the country.

In July, the test scores were posted. All of the students passed and 50% of them achieved a grade of 5, the highest score possible. On average, only 11% of students worldwide achieve the top score of 5.

These students who will enter college ahead of the game, potentially finish earlier and save their parents tuition money. This coming school year, KCS continues with its college-preparatory initiatives and partnership with Kapiolani Community College. Through KCC’s Early Admissions program, KCS upperclassmen concurrently enroll in high school and college level courses to earn dual credit.

KCS welcomes two new teachers to the ‘ohana

August 14, 2017
By KCS Staff

Loriann Silva may be new to the kindergarten department (K3 Teacher), but she is a familiar face to many at KCS! As KCS added a third kindergarten class this year, Mrs. Silva returned to KCS in the summer, working with kindergarten students during the summer school program. She previously taught 1st grade at KCS, and she has also worked at Mid-Pac and subbed for the DOE. She loves the KCS ‘ohana and is excited to share her faith with the children! In her spare time, Mrs. Silva can be found at the beach, hanging out with friends, or making jewelry/crafts.

KCS is excited to welcome Rick Redfield as the new PE teacher. He brings with him 21 years of teaching experience at Head Royce School in California, where he taught PE for K-12th grade and coached various sports at the middle and high school levels. Mr. Redfield is excited for the opportunity to join the Lord’s work at KCS! His hobbies include outdoor activities, as he enjoys long distance swimming and body surfing at Makapu’u.

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