Summer School

Part I: Summer School (8:00 – 11:30 a.m.)
Christian education, sound curriculum, and social interaction enhance the wholesome development of children at all levels.  Small class sizes maintain our 'ohana atmosphere from the regular school year.

Preschool: Our summer program provides a solid foundation for the school year and is recommended for incoming KCS preschool students.  Curriculum focuses on school readiness.  Children must be toilet trained and at least 3-years-old by September 30.

Elementary: For students entering Kindergarten to Grade 5, our curriculum focuses on reading, phonics, language arts, and math.  Math concepts are introduced and reinforced through IXL.

Parents may choose to enroll their child in his/her current grade level for a review.  In particular, students who have completed Kindergarten, but have not begun reading sentences, should be enrolled in Kindergarten.

New students whose parents prefer to enroll them in the grade they are entering in the Fall should submit a current report card with enrollment, and the student may be contacted to come to the KCS Office for a short reading test to determine grade placement.  If the student finds it difficult to read and/or comprehend the reading passage, he/she will be placed in his/her current grade level for reinforcement.

Middle School: For students entering Grades 6 to 8, our curriculum focuses on reading/writing, grammar, and math.  Concepts taught provide a solid base for the school year.  Math skills are taught and reinforced using IXL.  Required for new students entering KCS middle school in the Fall.