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Grades 9-12

A quality high school curriculum, administered in a personalized setting, prepares students for the rigors of adult life.  From camp to community service, students are challenged and mentored in a well-rounded environment.  Upperclassmen may enroll in Kap'iolani Community College's Early Admissions Program to earn dual credit.  Core courses are enriched with electives that include Band, Chorus, Video Production, and Yearbook/Photography.  

Our college-preparatory curriculum is designed to prepare our graduates to...
  • be seekers of truth and meaning.
  • understand their beliefs and why they believe in them.
  • be leaders who influence positive change in the community and workplace.
  • meet the challenge of a world filled with rapid change, information overload, and complex problems.
  • develop an understanding and appreciation of history, cultures, religions, and current economic and political developments.

Core Courses

The sequence of courses moves from a Bible Survey class to Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology, Ethics, World Religions, and Apologetics.  Upon increasing their understanding of the function of Scripture as the foundational documents for Christian life, students will communicate biblical truths in creative ways.  Students are encouraged to question and reflect within the classroom environment, giving them the ability to articulate and defend their faith. 

Offering three years of Chinese, the high school program continues to focus on these four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The program exposes students to an increasingly wider range of topics and situations they are likely to encounter in real life. High school students memorize at least two Bible verses in Mandarin each school year. Cultural enrichment activities have included research projects, movie appreciation, Chinese songs, and excursions.

High school courses, comprised of World Literature, American Literature, European Literature, and Asian Literature, utilizes an integrated approach to teach English. Students study classical American literature/history and world literature/world history in the 9th and 10th grades. Writing for high school classes focuses on the Writing Process, 6 + 1 Trait Writing Model, and State of Hawaii writing standards. Literary response/analysis, technical writing and speaking strategies, are introduced in a formally, structured method, in order to prepare students for college and life after graduation.

The high school program challenges the student to further integrate a biblical worldview to the study of history, while gaining a richer understanding of history. Areas of study include World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government, and Asian History. While all historical thinking skills are promoted throughout the high school curriculum, the program also emphasizes speaking skills and writing. Providing the opportunity for students to visit Washington, D.C. and China, this program values integration and a “hands-on” approach to learning history.

Students are being prepared for college level math through the disciplines of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and statistics. Course offerings include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Statistics.

Taught from a biblical worldview, high school science classes enable students to solve real-life problems related to their coursework in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy & Physiology.  

College Counseling

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High School Camp

HIM Conference

Junior Intermezzo

Mission Trip (Grades 9 & 10)

Washington, D.C. Trip (Grades 8-10)

Extracurricular Activities

“We're on Board!” Board Game Club

Chess Club

Cubing Club

HSF Athletics
  • Basketball 
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball

Malama Mentors

Oahu Math League

Student Council

Student Worship Team