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Music (P2 - Grade 5)

The music program at KCS is progressive in that a beginning preschool student who continues through graduation should be able to read music, sing melodies, play multiple instruments, analyze music critically, and ultimately praise God through their aptitude. Kindergarten and first grade music classes feature pitch exploration, simple, memorable songs, movement exploration, form and expression, beat motions, and performance. Second grade music classes feature a variety of songs, use of solfeggio, dance, movement, rhythm, pitched instruments, music note recognition, and performance. Third through fifth grade music classes feature singing, reading music, performance, and an introduction to the recorder and ukulele.

Instrumental Music (Grades 6 - 12)

Middle school music classes feature classical, sacred, and secular music for beginning choir and beginning instruments as well as extracurricular opportunities for solo and group performances, recognitions, and ministry. High school music class continues the progression, featuring classical, sacred, and secular music for advanced choir and advanced instruments, and increased extracurricular opportunities for performances, recognitions, and ministry.

2023-2024 Performances

Christmas Concerts: December 8, 2023
Spring Concerts: May 3, 2024