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Dr. Cuevas authors third book, drawing life lessons from sports

November 24, 2021
By KCS Staff

High school Bible, science, and math teacher, Dr. Julian “JR” Cuevas, released his third book on September 30, utilizing the “athletic analogy” theme found in Scripture to present timeless truths for living with wisdom. In The Parable of Sports, Dr. Cuevas reflects on his unique relationship with sports, from a childhood disinterest to engaging in sports at every level “from recreation to vocation to competition.” Through his wide range of experiences in athletics, coupled with his roles as teacher, pastor, mentor, and tutor, Dr. Cuevas presents twenty-seven devotional-style lessons filled with personal stories and biblical wisdom.

As Dr. Cuevas feels more gifted in teaching or speaking, he readily admits that “writing is hard.” Despite navigating the challenges of the editing process and writing for a broader audience, Dr. Cuevas acknowledges that he enjoys how writing brings systematic thinking, clarity, and a crystallization of ideas. For this book, the idea of compiling biblical life lessons from sports began with a conversation in the car with a former high school student, further encouraged by Dr. Cuevas’s friends and colleagues.

Recognizing the significant role of athletics in American culture and the lives of youth, Dr. Cuevas hopes that using a medium as relatable as sports prompts his reader to apply the same principles from the Bible to everyday living. When asked to share favorite lessons from the book, Dr. Cuevas highlights “Learning to Take Risks and Put Your Abilities on the Line” (Chapter 2) and “Learning How to Win When You Are Not at Your Best” (Chapter 6). He notes that the life lessons drawn from these chapters are often best illustrated on the playing field and not in the classroom, affirming the value of students participating in sports. As Dr. Cuevas writes in his introduction, “Sports really serve as a parable for Christian living; there are simply things that you learn from competitive athletics that you can’t really learn in the classroom or your living room.”

Dr. Cuevas looks forward to using this text as a devotional study with his Senior homeroom class next semester. The Parable of Sports is available on Amazon and is part of the Big Truth Little Books series published by With All Wisdom Publications.

Senior shares volunteer experience in his award-winning essay

October 29, 2021
By KCS Staff

On October 28, the Hawaii Pro Bono Celebration livestream event not only celebrated the generosity of attorneys who ensure that access to justice is achieved but also the valuable volunteer efforts of seven Hawaii high school students. This year’s Hawaii Access to Justice Commission essay contest centered on the theme “Many hands make light work: How my work as a volunteer helped to build and/or strengthen my community.”

Senior Zachary Kao’s essay was selected by the Access to Justice Commission, and he was awarded $500 by Tamashiro Sogi & Bonner, A Law Corporation. During the ceremony, Hawaii Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald recognized Zach’s essay titled “The Power of ‘Insignificant.’” In Zach’s reflective piece, he shares how his interactions with patients, as a volunteer for Queen's Medical Center, made a profound impact on him. Despite being tasked with seemingly mundane work, Zach realizes the joy that comes from “tiny but powerful actions.” His concluding thought highlights the power of volunteer work as he writes, “Although we don’t always expect it, what feels like the most insignificant of actions could create the most extraordinary of outcomes.”

Congratulations, Zach, for making a difference in the community! Special thanks to high school literature teacher, Mrs. Fong, for working with Zach to craft such an excellent essay!

New beginnings for the Class of 2021

September 17, 2021
By KCS Staff

Over the past month, members from the Class of 2021 have started their college journeys. Four graduates (pictured above) recently began their adventures out-of-state, making the transition to their on-campus homes.

Along with the excitement of college-level classes and meeting new people, graduates have also reflected on how their time at KCS prepared them for this next step in their education. Kathryn Nakagawa, currently attending UH Mānoa, shares that "KCS definitely helped me to keep track of assignments and write papers." She even feels "ahead of the game" thanks to concepts she learned from Mrs. Fong and Mrs. Watanabe. Valor Ahn adds, "The small class sizes at KCS enabled me to grow comfortable with participating in class [at Westmont College], which is... a very important aspect of academics in college."

KCS looks forward to seeing how the Class of 2021 will continue to realize their God-intended potential in their next season of life!

By His Spirit

September 03, 2021
By Robyn Ahn

Have you ever been utterly tired, and at some point, felt defeated this past year? Perhaps the strenuous COVID circumstances hit you hard, and you were working through physical or mental health issues? Did the statewide quarantine cause extreme fatigue, or have you felt very isolated from your loved ones?

Throughout this past year, I have been reminded of the Jewish people’s return from their exile in Babylon. They laid the foundation for the temple but unfortunately ran into hard-pressed times and let the foundation sit idle for 16 years. Depressed and lacking motivation, the Jewish people doubted God’s presence. 

God used prophets, such as Zechariah, Haggai, and Malachi, to remind His people that they were not meant to complete the temple alone. Zechariah received several visions from the Lord, and in one of those visions, the Lord delivered a key message: “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: 'Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the Lord Almighty.” (Zechariah 4:6a)

Just as the work of rebuilding the temple could only be accomplished with God’s Spirit, we need to remember that God’s Spirit is within us and works through us; we are HIS vessels. When God calls us to a purpose, His Spirit is prevalent and equips us to fulfill our purpose.

Although our everyday circumstances are unlikely to completely return to “normal” pre-COVID times, we must remember that God continues to work, even in the midst of our trials. His strength and provision powered us through this last year, and He will continue to remain faithful and carry us through this school year. As we trust in His faithfulness, we see unexpected blessings arise from the uncertainty. 

 I want to encourage you to continue remaining faithful and to trust that His Spirit will guide us through this school year. Looking at our logo, I am filled with a sense of pride and optimism, knowing that our ‘ohana is equipped for a rich and rewarding year. As a reminder of the Lord’s strength and goodness, He gave me this scripture as the theme verse for the year: