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Middle and high school homerooms celebrate KCC's 100th anniversary

September 09, 2022
By KCS Staff

Next year, Kaimuki Christian Church celebrates its 100th Anniversary, a milestone occasion to reflect on what God has done through the people of Kaimuki Christian in the past century. The church and school look forward to a year-long celebration centered on "100 Years of Living and Loving like Jesus." In August, middle school and high school homerooms kicked off the anniversary year with a classroom decorating contest, drawing inspiration from this theme. 

With a pizza lunch and boba up for grabs for 1st place and boba drinks for 2nd place, middle school and high school homerooms competed against one other in their respective departments. A group of judges walked through the homerooms on August 30, enjoying the creative output of each class. Doves, crosses, bulletin board displays, and garland adorned high school classrooms. Over in the McKenzie House, an interactive church service (complete with prayer, worship, sermon, and communion!), a timeline of KCC's history, and a "mannequin challenge" style presentation impressed the judges. The middle school winning class, Mrs. Holm's 8th grade homeroom, embraced the church's 100th anniversary vision of "serving and being a bigger presence, meeting the needs of others in our community and beyond" by reaching out to neighborhood businesses and stores to pray over them. They carried out their "flourish" theme through 100 blessings and prayers written on paper flowers and leaves beautifully arranged throughout the classroom.

Winners were announced during last week's upper chapel and enjoyed their prizes today. Check out our video for a highlight reel of the classroom displays, as students and staff joyfully express what the church has meant and done for its largest ministry, Kaimuki Christian School. Happy 100th Anniversary, KCC! 

Presenting the 124th winner of the "Thank You... Very Much" award

September 02, 2022
By KCS Staff

The waft of hot soup fumed throughout the kitchen. After I looked over to see you cut fresh green onions and gently put the bowl on the dining room table…I felt so loved and important. You did not express your love through hugs or kisses, but with your cooking. Through these words, Ashley Goo’s gentle spirit shines through her letter of appreciation for her mother.

As the 124th winner of Lex Brodie’s "Thank You...Very Much" award, Ashley received a $100 prize, and her mother was presented with a glass trophy. Additionally, Lex Brodie’s generously donated $250 to the Hawaii Foodbank. Ashley said she selected this non-profit organization because KCS taught her to “show love and care for others,” and as many were “struggling” due to covid, she wanted to “give back to the community.” Lastly, Lex Brodie’s lavishly blessed KCS with a $1000 donation for the Kyle-Lenn-Joey Scholarship Fund, which “provides financial aid to assist students who lack the resources to meet the full cost of an education at KCS.”

Over the past seventeen years, Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake, & Service Company has recognized students in grades 4-12 from public and private schools throughout Hawaii for their touching letters of gratitude to family members, teachers, coaches, counselors, and doctors. The first award was presented a few days before Alexander “Lex” Brodie’s ninetieth birthday to honor his “dedication to the Board of Education and his legendary service while thanking his customers...very much!”  

Mr. Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Management, said that he is “often driven to tears” after reading the students’ letters. He echoed the sentiment Ashley graciously described in her letter to her mother when he shared how it is “truly amazing how the little things in relationships make the biggest difference!” Congratulations, Ashley, and thank you…very much, Lex Brodie’s!

A Word of Encouragement | Behold, I am doing a new thing!

September 01, 2022
By Robyn Ahn

The prophet Isaiah lived in Jerusalem, and He served as an intermediary between Israel and God, speaking on God’s behalf to the leaders in both Jerusalem and Judah. In his first message, Isaiah conveyed God’s warning to Israel's corrupt leaders that God was going to punish them if they continued sinning in idolatry. However, Isaiah was also a messenger of good news, mentioning the theme of Hope, and how God would fulfill His promises; a significant promise was that God would use a king from the line of David to establish His eternal throne. 

Unfortunately, due to the persistent sins of Israel, God did not immediately provide His hand of blessing upon His people, as the Babylonians conquered Israel and took them into captivity. Seventy long years later, Israel finally returned to their homeland, during which God restored them as His people and showed His unfailing forgiveness; God kept His promise to His people.

God used Isaiah to show Israel the importance of not dwelling on the past but rather looking forward and toward the new. Isaiah was not telling the Israelites to forget about God’s faithfulness or the miracles God had done for them. Rather, he was telling Israel to forget about the days in which they were living in idolatry, disobedience, and sin. God desired for Israel to be free from their old, sinful ways, and instead look towards the new, redeeming things that God was doing in their lives.

Oftentimes we can find ourselves “stuck in a rut,” or “prisoners to our own sinful thoughts.” When life does not go our way, we tend to dwell on the negative, replaying various disappointing scenarios, over and over again in our heads. However, I believe that it is essential for each one of us to make a daily, conscious effort to not let ourselves be immobilized by these thoughts. As we see from Isaiah, we can learn important lessons from our past and honor it; however, we must refuse to be imprisoned by our past. God desires for each of us to see the new thing He is doing and to live in the present. We can maintain hope and keep our eyes fixed on God because His mercies are new every morning. In light of this, let’s each ask the Holy Spirit, what is the new thing that you want to do in my life, or show me today?

It might be responding more kindly to our co-workers, treating our family members with more reverence, or even viewing our neighbors in a more positive light. It might be to truly forgive others when they have offended you and release any hindering grudges. It could also be to forgive your own self because God has already extended His unwavering grace and forgiveness upon you. So, I implore you: the next time a negative thought starts creeping its way into your mind, immediately ask God to intercede on your behalf and take away those intruding thoughts. Fill your mind with godly things and activities that help clear out those thoughts and focus on what truly matters.

KCS family, as we gratefully recount the past one hundred years — a full century — that God has shown His faithfulness and His evident hand of blessings upon our 'Ohana, we look forward to another year of doing His work. My prayer is that you find yourselves refreshed and ready to welcome the new school year with enthusiasm, as we seek to glorify our Lord through the new works He is doing in and through us. May we all celebrate the NEW at KCS together!

Student Council presents special donation

April 08, 2022
By KCS Staff

Thanks to the generosity of the KCS 'ohana during last month's Preschools Supplies Drive, the Student Council blessed Ka Pa'alana homeless preschool families with 190 children’s books! On March 31, a team from Ka Pa'alana's Malama Mobile outreach team met with Student Council officers (photo above) to pick up the bags full of donated books. Before Covid, high school students had the opportunity to serve alongside Ka Pa'alana's staff at the Waianae Boat Harbor during camp. Since our students could not minister in person this year, they decorated cards and wrapped the books to make our gifts even more special. Please pray that the families will know how much Jesus loves them!