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Music for the entire family

September 11, 2020
By KCS Staff

Perhaps the sounds of picking and strumming have filled your house during this time of distance learning?

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Music/Chorus Teacher, Mr. Wilcox, adjusted his first-semester music curriculum for 3rd and 4th grades, focusing on the ukulele rather than the recorder. Despite the challenges of introducing a new instrument via Zoom, students have learned new skills in each session, working on tuning, holding the ukulele correctly, and strumming. They will soon progress to learning basic chords. Meanwhile, 5th graders continue their work on the ukulele from last year and look forward to starting songs together soon.

As students have the unique opportunity to receive music instruction from their homes, Mr. Wilcox believes that "learning to play the ukulele can be a meaningful family experience." With other schools turning to distance learning and parents working from home, Mr. Wilcox has embraced the idea that parents and siblings can be a part of the learning process. He hopes that family involvement surrounding the ukulele leads to lasting memories. Music certainly has the power to bring joy during this time!