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New club makes its debut at cubing competition

February 03, 2023
By KCS Staff

The recent phenomenon of "speedcubing" has made its way to campus this year, as the KCS Cubing Club officially launched last fall. Focused on solving the iconic Rubik's cube invented in 1974, the Cubing Club meets weekly for members to learn algorithms, memorize steps, and build their muscle memory to increase their speed in solving these puzzles. Club president, Caleb Yoshioka '24, began cubing in 5th grade and started the club to share his passion with students in 5th-12th grade.

On January 28, Cubing Club members had the opportunity to compete in the Oahu 'Ohana Cubing competition, an official event sponsored by the World Cube Association. Held at the UH Manoa Ballroom, KCS participants competed in a range of events, from the traditional 3x3x3 cube to cubes of other dimensions (2x2x2 or 4x4x4) and shapes ("Skewb" or "Pyraminx"). The younger team members represented KCS well in their first competition experience. Congratulations to Callen Miyata '30 and Caleb, who advanced to the 2nd round in the 3x3x3 event, finishing 26th and 29th, respectively.

Looking ahead to the rest of this semester, Caleb is contemplating sharing "a more expansive view" of cubing with club members, shifting from cubing competitively to exploring the collection aspect. He also plans to focus on solving different types of cubes, not just the traditional 3x3 cubes. Way to go, Caleb and KCS cubers!