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KCS featured in Star-Advertiser column on mathletics

April 28, 2023
By KCS Staff

Did you catch KCS mentioned in the Sports section of Monday's Honolulu Star-Advertiser? Written by Sjarif Goldstein, the column explores the ever-growing definition of sports in relation to the competitive nature of math leagues. Goldstein interviews math team coach Dr. Kwong and Oahu Math League (OML) team captain Amanda Feldmann '23, as they share their perspective on the similarities between math and athletics. The article also highlights how a small school like KCS can provide personal instruction for Amanda in her coursework. As alluded to in the column, KCS competes in the Newton Division of OML, which allows schools with fewer entrants to participate. At the final meet of the season held on April 15, KCS placed 4th. This article caps off a strong season for our high school mathletes!

Presenting the 124th winner of the "Thank You... Very Much" award

September 02, 2022
By KCS Staff

The waft of hot soup fumed throughout the kitchen. After I looked over to see you cut fresh green onions and gently put the bowl on the dining room table…I felt so loved and important. You did not express your love through hugs or kisses, but with your cooking. Through these words, Ashley Goo’s gentle spirit shines through her letter of appreciation for her mother.

As the 124th winner of Lex Brodie’s "Thank You...Very Much" award, Ashley received a $100 prize, and her mother was presented with a glass trophy. Additionally, Lex Brodie’s generously donated $250 to the Hawaii Foodbank. Ashley said she selected this non-profit organization because KCS taught her to “show love and care for others,” and as many were “struggling” due to covid, she wanted to “give back to the community.” Lastly, Lex Brodie’s lavishly blessed KCS with a $1000 donation for the Kyle-Lenn-Joey Scholarship Fund, which “provides financial aid to assist students who lack the resources to meet the full cost of an education at KCS.”

Over the past seventeen years, Lex Brodie’s Tire, Brake, & Service Company has recognized students in grades 4-12 from public and private schools throughout Hawaii for their touching letters of gratitude to family members, teachers, coaches, counselors, and doctors. The first award was presented a few days before Alexander “Lex” Brodie’s ninetieth birthday to honor his “dedication to the Board of Education and his legendary service while thanking his customers...very much!”  

Mr. Scott Williams, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Management, said that he is “often driven to tears” after reading the students’ letters. He echoed the sentiment Ashley graciously described in her letter to her mother when he shared how it is “truly amazing how the little things in relationships make the biggest difference!” Congratulations, Ashley, and thank you…very much, Lex Brodie’s!